Addicted To Honeymoons

Remember when you were a child? That may have been awhile back, but do you remember when your birthdays would come surrounded in gifts, excitement and anticipation? Family and friends would gather as you destroyed the wrapping on their gifts, waiting for your priceless expression. Remember when you got your first tonka truck? Or maybe your first makeup set? Did your face light up? I bet it did and you would be found playing with it for hours after everyone left.

Then it came about after several days, those gifts that made us jump for joy lost their delight. Some of them may have had a longer excitement span than others, but after awhile they lost their entertainment value and found themselves with the many other forgotten toys. The same occurrence happened at your fifth, sixth, seventh birthday…and every one after. Excitement of the new was short-lived.  And now that little boy or girl has grown up and throughout our lives we have experienced this scenario over and over again. Remember when you got your first job and how excited you were? But shortly after the excitement passed it became a burden. Remember when you got the Iphone 3gs? What a wonderful device! Email, internet, camera, and much more. But then came the Iphone 4 and that old 3gs found its way, like the tonka truck, with the forgotten toys. We have gone from old car to more fancy, from old house to bigger and better, from fun gadgets to higher tech, from old boyfriends to new and the cycle continues, never becoming truly content and ultimately, becoming addicted.

I call it an addiction  to the honeymoon stage. It is one of the very reasons why our marriages in America are suffering. Once the thrill passes we move on to someone else who might reignite that honeymoon experience. But it goes further than our marriages, it also carries into the church. How? The average Christian will find himself jumping from church to church. In most occurrences a Christian will find excitement in a new church as he compares it to the previous church. He may say this church has better preaching, worship, or Sunday schools as if church was meant for him. However, his honeymoon cycle will continue as he picks up his bags and moves on, looking for a new experience. We see it happening to those involved in ministry as well. From greeting Sunday morning to teaching kids in Sunday school there’s a period of excitement in serving…for awhile. What about Life Groups? Remember when you first started and everyone was excited about each other? But then as time went on those Christian brothers you first met are no longer as cool as you thought they were. In fact some of them have some serious problems and slowly you found the honeymoon slipping away so some found it more enjoyable to stay home and watch American Idol reruns.

Have we become addicted to honeymoons? We have become like addicts, always chasing after the next high for what’s ‘new’. Its time that we as Christians start living with roots. We need to invest in each other far past these honeymoons. I admire the couple who has been married for fifty years. I admire men and women whose loyalty to a church is not based on a church building or how they benefit from their experience.  I admire the Sunday school teachers and Life Group leaders who have served far past their honeymoon stage. What about you? Do you have roots?

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By lifegroupcoordinator Posted in Blogs

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