New Life

New Life

We have to be excited about our Church body. This last week at Church our body experienced something special and beautiful as we came together to worship our wonderful Savior. The worship gave us a little piece of what it might be like in God’s eternal kingdom and the teaching effectively challenged us.

After the first service, as normal, I walked around speaking with my brothers and sisters and enjoyed time in fellowship. After a little fellowship I headed out to Starbucks and I returned to the church as the second service members were filtering out of the church.  As I was about to enter the church I bumped into one of our Life Group leaders. She said, “Hey Jacob, come and meet someone who just accepted Christ!” Of course this will make anyone in our church excited and so I rushed over to meet this new member of the family. God is so good   to allow New Life to be used to reach the lost.

Someone receiving new life is enough to make the angels in heaven rejoice but this was not the end of the story. As we continued to discuss with one another, I heard our Life Group leader state, “We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.” My spirit lifted once again! Here we have someone who entered our family and instantly is incorporated into the community.

What encouraged me this weekend was New Life’s commitment to reaching the lost and commitment to helping one another imitate Christ through community. Some will talk the talk but New Life is committed to walking that talk.

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