Back in it!

 We’re back in it! It so wonderful to see the groups starting back up and fellowshipping together once again! Tuesday night I witnessed one group and just enjoyed seeing the excitement and fun that they were having. There are many reasons to be excited for this next season of Life Groups. We have new leaders, new members, and new events coming up.

Over the last several months of Life Groups I have been really encouraged and for some reason I wanted to rely why. Most the time all of us meet together at our designated fellowships for fellowship, prayer, and instruction. Around mid-May and through August I have gotten numerous reports from leaders and members about what God was doing through their Life Group. I heard stories of member’s financial needs being met by those in their Life Group. I heard numerous reports of different groups going to the hospital to visit members going through a difficult time. I heard members taking on responsibilities by preparing dinners for someone in need. I could go on and on…

Guys this is Acts 2! You’re living it. Some of you are experiencing it. A member, who had just been through an awful experience, told her leader that this “Acts 2 stuff” Pastor Pugh talks about really does work! This member is right, it does work. But let’s remember it only works when we work together. If you’re not back in it get in someone needs you.

Keep the fellowship…

Small Group Etiquette

I saw this advertisement and thought some of you might be interested. For just $65 dollars a class session you or your child can learn the proper etiquette of eating at the table. Amazing right? This might sound crazy to you, but for some reason I still don’t know why some restaurants give you two forks. I always forget which one is for the lettuce and which one is for the main course.

Just like dinner etiquette we need to be reminded about small group etiquette. Unlike the advertisement above my sessions are free! Here are some of my Life Group etiquettes:

  • Be Committed – Our level of commitment to each other in some way reflects our commitment with Christ Jesus. (Gal. 6:2)

  • Give A Warning – If you can’t attend be considerate, let your leader know beforehand. Sometimes several people can’t come, and it might be better just to cancel the fellowship until next week.

  • Be On time – A group that meets together should always try to be on time so as to honor everyone’s commitment.

  • Know Yourself – Some of us know we are talkers, and enjoy dominating the conversations. If this you, try skipping the next question allowing someone else to respond to the question. Some of us know we are not talkers, and enjoy listening. If this is you, commit to speaking on one of the questions for the lesson.

  • No Gossip If someone reveals a struggle it does not mean that everyone you know at work needs to know about it.  Keep struggles confidential and encourage one another.

  • Silent the Phone – We all get annoyed when someone’s phone rings at the theater/class/meeting, and in the same way it is distracting when a group is in prayer and it’s interrupted by someone’s unique ring tone.

To each of you, continue Imitating Christ Together remembering that your involvement in the lives of your brothers and sisters both increases their spiritual walk and your own.